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Saturday, May 5, 2012

when i look u with her
my heart turns to pieces...
very hurt..
so, hurt to see u with

but... i cant show

so, i pretend that i can accept tha situation..minum..
i really want to forget u, but how? we r in same class....

initially, i thought u and her just r friends..rindu
i thought u....u.. u..rindu
like me.. bcoz the way u look me
not same like u look any girls in our class..
i thought u want ask about me to her..rindu
i NEVER THOUGHT that u like her
and her like u too..
bcoz she already have a mate(not that mate(mathematics))..takbole
but i'm totally wrong..putuscintenangihnangih...

apparently, u just act like that.
to plan with other our classmate
to act like that u..

but, never mind bcoz .

i know, i'm just a friend to u..
i hope u r happy with her..

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