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Saturday, February 16, 2013

need more positive energy + surrounding

sebelum tu, nak cakap sikit entry kali ini akan
b'campur baur, bm + bi..
nak try speking london...
almaklumlah bi x pandai, kenalah try slow-2
someone told me that, i'm more
positive thinker before this..
"bak kate nurul yang dulu, yang selalu fikir +tive "
but it is before i know my ex-roomate..
ya.. my roomate in semester 2..

when i sit with her for the whole semester 2..
all my positive energy is gone!!
b'coz i keep think all the positive
about her.. and mybe  always be that.. now, i keep thinking negative to all
people around me..( majority)
but except u guys la..
(mampuihhh karang miss ceo  dengan pengurus ngamuk)
so, to get back my old personaity
 i need some treatment.. 
to treat my heart, my mind..
need more silence..

silence is better than talking

need more
remembrance of Allah,
b'coz i'm just ordinary girl,
that always careless..
legnote@notakaki:ada masanya kita selalu rasa diri kita ini betul...betul?? tepuk dada tanya iman.


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