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Thursday, July 25, 2013

hi u olls

hi, i think, not late to wish 
salam ramadhan to u olls.... em, lately, i'm quiet busy to do something..
tak sempat nk mengupdate blog.. sori ye..

in ramadhan month, i want share some opinion to u olls..
for me, "biar orang nak kate kita TAK PANDAI, TAK CANTIK, tapi kita jangan TAK PANDAI HORMAT ORANG, TAK SOLAT "
for someone that have  belief, we beliave that
what ever we do at this world, we'll get the reward and the punishment later.
so, before u do anything think first especially in this month.
for muslim, beliave that fasting month if we do the "kebaikan"
we'll get double reward.
suddenly, i thought that why have people need to busy body about someone life??
that the person have disturb u?? what make u feel uneasily about he o she?
sometimes, we just need do nothing for know that person behave like that.
sometimes infront us, they sweet talker, but behind us they is the friend that can be our enemy..
luckly, i still have friends that really care about myself. but i think dont understand
"kenapa ada jrak antara mereka, sedangkan masing-2 mengaku will be bff"..

notakaki: just testing my poor english

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