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Friday, July 26, 2013


hi.. today i want share about my ex roomate, her name is nurul shahirah binti rozman.
will be best accountant in the world. she also wear spect, almost like me, like a twin
if the person that dont know us, they will thought we are like a sibling.

she is the eldest among their sibiling. so, almost everyday, i hear she talk about everything, sampai 
ada masa tu rasa nak stapler je mulut dia tu, malas nak dengar..laugh leaf

but i know she just want to have someone to hear what she doing along a day..
huhu.. but i love to be her roomate again bcoz i always can buli her..hahahaha

kalau nak buat something evil, i always depend to her to be my partnersurprised leaf..

i need to go first.. later wil be continue..

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